Retail Partnership Care Cards: Women's Stores
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Retail Partnership Care Cards: Women's Stores

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This card for a free garment cleaning is part of a series of business card sized trial devices.  The card featured here offers a complimentary cleaning at your store to patrons of local high end women's clothing retailers; when a customer buys a new garment, the salesperson can give them a free cleaning card as a thank you. There is a separate design for one for men's stores/departments.  Another card is designed for use in retail partnerships with restaurants who experienced a stain during their meal, allowing the restaurant to turn a negative experience into a positive one and you to gain new customers.  The last of the series is a generic card for managers and staff to keep pocket handy, when you are out in public and meet an influential community member, offer it when you see someone spill on themselves, include them with customer letters/cards or use it to bring a positive end to an unhappy experience.   All four cards are 3.5" x 2" and can be purchased in packages of 25, or if you prefer, ordered as a native file download and customized by your printer with your store information.  IMPORTANT NOTE: These preprinted cards are designed to be customized with an address stamp (or hand write it in).
Available in packages of 25.

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